About Cerese D

Cerese D"The Stones speak to me" Cerese D 

From her first experience with crayons, Cerese D developed an interest in design. She was fascinated with vibrant colors, shapes, designs and the arts in general. She's a visionary who captures the essence of beauty and transforms it into exquisite works of art. In addition to designing unique jewelry, her artistic abilities have taken her into many fields. Whether she's making dolls, hand painting with acrylic on ceramic, or designing beautiful, hand made wall hangings, all these talents stem from her extraordinary passion for design. 

Cerese Dolman (Cerese D) is a native of Lansing, Michigan, and for the past 18 years has resided in Atlanta, Georgia. She has earned two bachelor degrees, one in Interior Design and one in Business Management...a wonderful combination for a creative designer. After graduating from college, her avocation of jewelry design quickly became a vocation as people began to place orders for custom pieces. Cerese D's unique designs are hand crafted using 14K gold-filled, sterling silver, brass or custom designed for that special occasion. Cerese D jewelry features exquisite semi precious stones, pearls, Swarovski crystals and more.